LUXURY Concept: Martina Tomić and Lena KramarićChoreography and performance: Martina TomićImages: Lena KramarićGraphic design: Martina GranićPhotography: Fabijan DrnasThanks: Pavle Heidler, Bruno Isaković, Nina Kurtela, Mirna Hari, Srđana Cvijetić, Art Workshop Lazareti, Natalija Manojlović, Martina Granić, ekscena, DIU Libertas, Katja Krečak (Radio Ragusa), DUTV ABOUT THE PROJECT Luxury is an art- dance project taking place at … Read more

The Irresponsibles

THE IRRESPONSIBLES Authors and performers: Hrvoslava Brkušić, Ivana Pipal and Martina TomićChoreography: Martina TomićMusic: Hrvoslava BrkušićDrawings: Lena Kramarić Production: UPUH ABOUT THE PROJECT Through a practice of asking questions on the one side and working with awareness of everyday movements on the other, four authors are developing a project under the working title ‘The Irresponsibles’. … Read more

Between us

BETWEEN US Authors and performers: Ivana Đula, Lena Kramarić and Martina TomićChoreography: Martina TomićImages: Lena KramarićMusic: Ivana Đula ABOUT THE PROJECT The authors of the multimedia project Between us use different media to create: movement, writing, drawing and sound in order to question their position as artists and mothers. Performing a balancing act along the … Read more

About how It’s better to be a cat in Dubrovnik

ABOUT HOW IT’S BETTER TO BE A CAT IN DUBROVNIK Idea and concept: Lena Kramarić, Ivana Đula and Martina TomićVisual art work and video concept: Lena KramarićAudio concept and text: Ivana ĐulaChoreography and performance: Martina TomićSound editing: Luka VrbanićFilm editing: Marijan MarinovićThank you to Petar, Luke, Rudi, Erin, Matko and Tajana. ABOUT THE PROJECT The … Read more