Between us 3


Concept: Martina Tomić, Lena Kramarić, Ivana Đula

Performance: Martina Tomić, Lena Kramarić, Ivana Đula, Deša Đula Vrbanić, Petar Đula Vrbanić, Erin Saltarić, Luke Saltarić, Rudi Marinčić, Luka Vrbanić

Music: Luka Vrbanić
Light desing: Marko Mijatović

Design: Ana Kunej

Production: UO Genijator
Project partner: Art workshop Lazareti

Thanks: Nikša Vukosavić, Srđana Cvijetić, Mediterranean dance centar Svetvinčenat, Petra Glad Mažar, Matko Saltarić, Nika Disney

The project was realized with the support of the City of Dubrovnik and Ministry of Culture and Media.


Again we are eager to ask a lot of questions…

Why does everything has to be your way?
Why are you always sleeping?
Why do we never eat at 360?
Why is it never good enough for you?
Why are moms boring and all the time acting clever?
Why do I always have to repeat everything 3 times?
Why moms want play soccer?

Between us 3 is a continuation of the collaboration on the projects “Between us” and “How it’s better to be a cat in Dubrovnik” in which playwright Ivana Đula, visual artist Lena Kramarić and dance artist Martina Tomić dealt with the dual maternal-artistic position and creation in (not ) ideal conditions in which the role of the mother was at all times superior to that of the artist. This time they also deal with the role of children, which they question: do they create a space of authorship for them without or with control, and does it represent a luxury or a burden for them?

Photo: Hrvoje Curić (Libero Portal)

Premiere: 29.12.2022. Art radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik