Combined technique, 2022


Concept and performance: Martina Tomić and Lena Kramarić

Camera: Matija Kralj Štefanić
Project assistent: Marta Krešić

Music: Luka Vrbanić
Thanks: Vedrana Čović and MO Voćarska


Experimental film Combined Technique, 2022. is an extension of the first collaboration on the project Luxury from 2013. Questioning the ephemerality of dance and the permanence of painting as an object, dancer Martina Tomić and painter Lena Kramarić, in collaboration with video maker and editor Matija Kralj, play with time images: they record, forget and adjust the moment that disappears, becomes, remains and stops.

The film is part of the New Impulses and Artistic Strategies program, financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and media through the public call for programs for the development of new cultural and educational content and digital adaptation in 2021.

MO Voćarska

Online premiere: 21.05.2022.