The Irresponsibles


Authors and performers: Hrvoslava Brkušić, Ivana Pipal and Martina Tomić
Choreography: Martina Tomić
Music: Hrvoslava Brkušić
Drawings: Lena Kramarić Production: UPUH


Through a practice of asking questions on the one side and working with awareness of everyday movements on the other, four authors are developing a project under the working title ‘The Irresponsibles’.

By connecting different media and sets of skills, via sound, drawing, movement and feeling, a wondrous performance takes place, teetering between security and insecurity. The methodology of the work is based on the situations and emotions that the performers encounter, looking for their similarities and differences, weaving together their interests as well as the different media they use into a whole.

What are all the ways I can show emotions in media other than my own? How do I strike balance? How do we go through air? Will I manage to go to the park today? How do you look for things when you don’t have a goal? What do I perceive the most in everyday life? What would happen if we added an exhale, a shout or sound to every e/motion? What are our possibilities? What would happen if we were aware of gravity all the time? How often do I pay attention to my body to check how it’s doing? What experiences to choose from a sea of experiences? Do changes choose you or you choose them? What does our world consist of? How to explain or embody movement that is unclear? How do we see? How to sense sound? Who are we communicating this to?

This project is propelled by each artist’s unique motivations, intuitions and perceptions. The source of inspiration for this work is based on the intimate questions that arose in the artists’ investigation into various and specific emotions. The results of this investigation are now an offering shared with the audience joined with the artists’ desire to communicate about everyday life as something everybody can identify with. The work also offers a curious set of instructions on how to use everyday movements that many audience members might just find handy.

Premiere:20. September 2014. 8 pm  Zagreb Dance Center
This project was funded by: The City Office for Education, Culture and Sport of the City Zagreb.