How to think (ir)responsibly


With the desire to unfold the social potential of their respective media and at the same time create a digital platform on the website of their artistic organization Genijator, Martina Tomić and Lena Kramarić offer a series of workshops under the title: How to think (ir)responsibly? With this set of workshops they continue to explore together by opening up the space of imagination, creation and performance within different artistic media. How to think (ir)responsibly offers creative educational workshops that include collage work with elements of art therapy, somatic and kinesthetic work based on contemporary dance techniques and working with sound, text and video.

If we think of responsability as a desirable quality, behaviour or the ability to accept the things that happen in our lives, then in order to be responsible for ourselves and others we must tune in, be present here and now.

Through an educational approach based on exploration, the participants play with different notions of responsability, towards themselves, others and the planet and through somatic practices, working with visualization and by employing movement, sound, drawing and writing they learn how to be present in the moment.

The workshops are designed for professionals and non-professionals alike and in such a way that each participant can easily navigate and use the tools offered in the workshops to best suit their needs.

All the workshops are for free. You can apply by writing us an email:
Before the beginning of a workshop the participants will receive the link to participate via Zoom.

The program is financed by the Ministry of Culture and Media as part of the Open call for programs for digital adaptation and creation of new cultural and educational contents.

1. Workshop //CO COLLAGE //Fine arts/dance workshop with elements of arts therapy for adults 30+//  Lena Kramarić and Martina Tomić// 
// Online via Zoom link: April 06/April 08 Tuesday and Thursday 18.00 – 19.30h//
Application deadline: April 3, Saturday
Number of participants: 15

We will start with a warm-up focusing on the breath, bringing awareness to the body and guiding it into movement. Through the use of somatic tools such as touch, breath and voice we will explore how we can observe and listen inside and outside of ourselves by engaging our curiosity, imagination and our drive to explore. The participants will then focus on creating collages which they are encouraged to continue making even after the workshop as a form of a personal journal.

The two workshops make one whole. In the first workshop we focus on the creation of collages which we then use in the second one as material to work with our subconscious with the help of art therapy. With the participants’ agreement, the works will be shown in a virtual exhibition alongside written and audio responses to the experiences in the workshop.

For the workshop you will need:
Paper (A3 or A4)/ a notebook/ a book you no longer need
Pen and paper
Scissors and glue
Old magazines (newspapers and catalogues)

If possible bring extra material: paint brushes and colours (watercolours, acrylic paint…), pastels, coloured pencils, markers, as well as old photographs, ribbons, glitter, stickers and any other material appeals to you.

2. Workshop // CO COLLAGE 2 // Fine arts/dance workshop for childcarers and children
// Ivana Đula, Lena Kramarić and Martina Tomić 
//Online via Zoom link: April 07/April 10 Wednesday and Friday 17-18h//
Application deadline: April 5, Monday
Number of participants: 16

This workshop is designed for parents/childcarers and children with the focus on spending time together creating collages. We will start building the collage already from the warmup by working with the body and movement. By moving together and using touch, weight, rhythm and locomotion participants will start engaging with themselves and others and thus preparing for the workshop.

In the first workshop we will focus on visual and in the second one on textual collages. Drawing inspiration from Dada practices we will be cutting letters and words from magazines and similar sources, creating poetic content, the form of which will depend on the desires and tastes of the participants. The accummulated material will be put together to form a collage booklet that we will give a title to.

For the workshop you will need:
Enough room for two people to turn, jump or lie down.
Newspapers, catalogues, old notebooks, cardboard.
Something to write, draw or paint with.

3. Workshop //THE SOUND OF PERSONAL SPACES// Sound workshop for children//
//Ivana Đula, Luka Vrbanić, Martina Tomić// 
Number of participants: 10

For the workshop you will need:
Audio recording device (smartphone audio recorder is fine)

This workshop is designed for children, with parental assistance possible if needed. In the first workshop children will be asked to choose five favourite or recognizable sounds from their usual surroundings, either from an inside or outside space. They will record the sounds themselves (or get help from their parents) and in different ways – from up close, from afar, in silence, in a noisy setting, using their voice or giving a comment, approaching the source of sound or going away from it, while being still or moving, etc. The workshop moderators will collect these materials into short, one-minute audio collages of a particular child’s space which will in this way become sound landscapes for the next workshop, serving as inspiration for movement and dance choreographed in dialogue with the moderator.